Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Also Known As Harper (Ann Haywood Leal)

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  1. This book speaks volumes about the power of words. That said, what do you say about a book that brings tears to your eyes before you've even read 5 chapters? More importantly how do you write about such a book, a book that grabs you by the emotional heart stings and pulls you along until the very end? Such is my conundrum.

    Also Known as Harper Lee by Ann Haywood Leal is that book. While an adolescent literature book meant for pre-teens, this book addresses so many issues on so many levels, that it can and should be read by people of all ages. Leal creates a main character in the same vein as Ellen Foster. Harper Lee Morgan is a fifth grader with more than enough maturity to carry her through middle school and on into college, while still hanging on to that which makes her a child. The life lessons she learns are lessons every human needs to learn. We should learn from Harper's example.

    Like her namesake, Harper Lee Morgan finds refuge in words, though sometimes words are hard to come by or not easily said. The power of words as a theme is addressed by several of Leal's characters. Even when you think you have it all figured out, something happens to make you stop and think about what is really important in life and how words written or spoken can make or break a spirit. This book is full of examples, big and small, to make a person think about what makes life worth living. And many times it is in our words, written and spoken that we find the answers.

    There is something about a book that makes you want to pick up your own pen and paper. This is one of them.