Friday, March 6, 2009

Drawers and Booths (Ara 13)

Leave your review in the comments; k? thnx, bai.

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  1. Darwers & Booths is truly cutting-edge stuff. Its genre is metafiction, and it is ever so much more fun a romp through that forest than the preceeding sample I'd read--The Hours. A romp, yes, but serious business, too. All of the "great" human questions are addressed (fate, fortune free will, the human impulse to nobility, our responsibility to one another as we share space on this plane, why bad things happen to good people...all of it, all) and all of those "smaller" questions that probably just we English-geek types consider regularly are also up for review--the nature of text, the relationship between the reader and the text, the relationship between the author and his/her narrator and "their" characters--and some of them in a startlingly new way (who knew that when a character is off the page, his or her "authentic" personality would emerge, while he/she takes five and has a cuppa or whatevs?)

    So, bottom line, this one so tweaks my readerly sense that I am adopting it for use in my Adv. 12/AP Eng course--hopefully with copies to arrive in tome to assign it to THIS class! Happiness is a cool book, baby.